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Many small airplane manufacturers seize operation after their prototype is completed... what went wrong?

This is true for many of the small aviation entrepreneurs.. only a very few can continue to a serious production. All investments are devoted to the design, development and often certification.
They then do not realize that the commercialization of a project needs as much professional attention as the design of the aircraft. 

AC light Aircraft

After many airplane projects I think I can say there is enough experience to advice others   
Started flying hang-gliders at age 17
Powered hang-gliders at 20
Ultralights all kind
Commercial education & sales experience in office electronics
Started professional flight training in the US at 27
Flight instructor and freight pilot
Several airlines in Europe
Transavia Airlines B737
Development & Certification of the RangeR, a diesel powered experimental
Redesign and certification of the single seat Sirocco.

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Evert Cornet